Anim!Arte – International Student Animation Festival

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil)

The Anim!Arte is an international festival of animated films with a focus on student audience.

Anim!Arte – International Student Animation festival of Brazil
The Anim!Arte festival stimulates the cultural and artistic growth of students, by encouraging the production of animated films made by children and youth.
The festival promote the development of the animation moviemaking, as well as disclose, reveal and reward new audiovisual productions.
One of the main objectives of the Festival is the formation of a cinema audience , allowing young children to acquire the cultural habit of enjoying and attending film festivals.
The Anim!Arte provides free access (especially among students) for original and current animated productions.
The thematic sections, “Environmental Film” and “World Cultures” bring very important issues for the education of children and youth.
The festival promotes the expansion of the audiovisual repertoire of students often restricted to conventional and commercial productions.
The creation of new audiovisual content is also stimulated through workshops instructed by professionals, and master classes.
The festival has existed since 2001, and 13 editions have already been held.

For International Students (from around the world), there are two competitive categories (only for animated short films): International Students Mini (under 18 years) and International Students Maxi (18 years or over).
There are also 2 exclusive categories just for students who are enrolled in educational institutions in Brazil: Brazilian University Students, and Brazilian Students Mini (under 18 years).
In the past editions, the Anim!Arte Festival received approximately 4000 film submissions from over 80 countries.

Only films that contain at least 70% (seventy percent) of animation (in any technique) are accepted.
Each author (director or proponent) can submit a maximum of 5 (five) animated films.
The submission is free.
The maximum duration of each film is 15 minutes.
The film can be sent by e-mail through download link to:, or by post mail.
More information can be found in :

The Anim!Arte Grand Prix (itinerant version):
The Anim!Arte Grand Prix is an Itinerant and condensed version of the Anim!Arte Festival, that travels to cities around the World !!
There are awards for the winners of each stage/city where the Anim!Arte Grand Prix is held.
At the end of the circuit, the overall winners of the Season are announced !
The winning films are those with the highest score in the final ranking including all stages of the Grand Prix!
Recently, the Anim! Arte Grand Prix has visited more than 30 cities in Brazil, and has promoted international itinerant stages in Spain, Wales, USA, Russia, Denmark, Mozambique, Mexico and Australia.






length of films:

15 min max



year of production:

not older than 2 years

festival takes place:

annual in August