Kids Eye Film Festival

Budapest (Hungary)

Kid’s Eye Film Festival


Detailed registration and event description

Kid’s Eye Art Association of Public Utility invite participants to Kid’s Eye Film Festival, the Hungarian Film Festival for children, making films.

We are waiting for the registration online on the following webpage, where you can check the exact dates:

Before starting the registration process be aware to do the following preparations:

  • prepare a picture of your film and werk photo about the shooting (in format JPG)
  • your film should have an English subtitle
  • upload your film on file sharing website (youtube) and prepare a link to your film (you will need to copy the link in the online registration form)

Nomination: Children aged between 4 and 19 are invited to nominate in the following categories:

  1. ”Big things in small packages” (4-12 ys)
  2. “Young titans” (13-19 ys)
  3. „Getting on in years…” (film makers over 19, to submit films made earlier. This category is also open to young adults, professional or amateur film-makers with films made in their childhood.

Foreigners welcome: Foreign children and students living in Hungary and other countries are also encouraged to participate, however, their films need either to be dubbed in English or equipped with Hungarian or English subtitles, and a dialogue-list in English.

-animation films
-other (music video, experimental movie, etc)

We did not mean to overcomplicate film categories that is why we defined four genres. Feature really means a short movie. In the „other” category we expect experimental films, musical video-clips, film etudes, dance films, films made through alternative technology such as recordings made by a cell phone, etc.

Expected length: no longer than 15 minutes.
Please try and make an effort to stay within those limits and indicate the exact length of your film on the nomination sheet. Title and cast are included in the total length.

Format: Films recorded through any means available are welcome, but the final product  is requested to be submitted on DVD (minus: DVD-R) record and DVD Video format (Not AVI format, please!). After the online registration please send your movie on DVD to the following address:

Mailing address:

Gyerekszem Művészeti Egyesület –(Kid’s Eye Film Festival)
Budapest, 1012 Kuny Domokos u. 1.

Please, check your film once again before sending it, by watching through it to make sure that the copy you have made is good both picture and soundwise. Please write the name of the film maker ant the title of the film both on the DVD and on the box of the DVD.

By nominating for the festival, you will automatically agree to your submission to be publicly screened at the festival and to your film or parts of thereof to be used for promoting the event.

To identify and remove possible films that may violate legal regulations or harm the interests of a third party, your teacher or legal representative indicated on the nomination sheet will have to sign a declaration that the film submitted to the festival will not violate any legal regulations or harm third party interests. Kid’s Eye Association shall not be held responsible for any infringement caused by or for any third party claim raised because of a submitted film. Third party interests may be harmed if you record somebody in the street or at school without his knowledge and he will be recognisable in your film. Copyright may be violated if you use some other film (a movie or material downloaded from the internet) or music without the author and publisher of that material.

Submitted films will not be returned, they will be stored by festival organiser Kid’s Eye Association. Naturally, you will retain the copyright of your film.


Further information:

Provided on a continuous basis at

Barbara Rózsavölgyi
phone: (+36) 20 243 1031

Technical assistance (online registration, copying, formatting or editing):

László Jancsovics:

Legal assistance:
dr. Nóra Hepp:

PR, press:
Ágnes Réz:

We are waiting for your nomination!

The Organizers of the Kid’s Eye Film Festival


6 - 19



length of films:

up to 15 minutes



year of production:

not older than 2 years

festival takes place:

every 2 years in Winter


Kids Eye Film Festival

Kids Eye