Istanbul (Turkey)

KısaKes is a short film festival open to all short film makers from all over the world which initiated to give priorly youngs the possibility to express themselves through art and to share those expressions among themselves and their environment under the common language of cinema.

The festival occurs two times in a year with its two different organizations

✂ KısaKes Univision: international short film festival for all short film makers international short film competition for university students

✂ KısaKes Lisevizyon: national short film competition for just high-school students

KısaKes Short Film Festival presents a wide programme selection of both competitive which its duration only under 5 minutes by university students & newly graduates and non-competitive films which welcomes individuals from all over the world that their work is under 15 minutes both for university students and short filmmakers from all ages. Not only we give the opportunity to make young generation’s films globally reachable through various theatres worldwide but also we offer workshops, talks, masterclasses, panels, pitching platforms and more with experts of their fields.

By submitting your film:

  • Have a chance to visit a city brings two continents together
  • Last year KısaKes had 1400 submissions from 100 different countries, this year you can be one of the lucky ones to join masterclasses, workshops and more! Also you will meet great filmmakers around the world.
  • You can have a chance to take place in Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner by submitting your short to KısaKes.

- Travel expenses and accommodation on us for competition finalists!

- Sightseeing, exploring every corner of İstanbul included.

Ongoing since 2010, around 3331 short film maker have participated to the KısaKes Short Film Festival, out of 54 shorts screened through 9 turkish theaters and Berlin. What's more, 43 students have been awarded scolarships and technical equipments used for shooting. Not only this, but thanks to the festival, the KısaKes youngs have formed an interactive network where they discuss about realisation of new projects, they help each other and find a common reasoning. Many young artists awarded by the festival are now actively working in movie/serial sector.


up to 27


national + international

length of films:

up to 5 min (for competition)



year of production:

not older than 2 years

festival takes place: