KREF - Kreativnih Edukativnih Filmove

Leskovac (Serbia)

KREF is open to all public and private primary schools, teachers, students and parents both from Serbia and abroad.
The teachers and parents have the task to present all the potentials of their children, and in this way open pages to be written in their future aiming at their future occupation and teach them throughout animation, presentation and giving examples and patterns of behavior by themselves.
A school has to keep pace with the times its students live in, and consider their interests. This is the way to come closer and overcome the generation gap showing that we live in the same century, that we are not at odds.

It is necessary that during the creation and realization of the work, all the stakeholders, meaning teachers, students and parents, take equal part in it and show close mutual cooperation.

What makes this Festival even more successful is the international cooperation. This way we show we are also prepared to learn from each other and develop.  


Film categories:

1. Lipdub film
Lipdub films present a kind of musical promotional spots that look as if recorded in one sequence or at least seem like that. The camera records continuously (exceptionally, in three cadres most) a group of people or students performing coordinated and trained movements at the moment the camera focuses on them.

2. EDU film
Forget about the desks, blackboard and common chairs in the classroom. Make a creative class, ask someone to help you keep the magic of the moment in the form of a film to witness your exceptional educator’s skills.

This is a great opportunity where the students, their teachers and parents, together with their children and friends can participate in a research and creation of an idea for urban restructuring of their native town.
Our idea is to open opportunities for giving solutions for the environmental changes which will benefit all. Children can be creators of their community.

There are round tables and educational workshops during the festival, too.
For any additional information please send a request at:


6 to 18



length of films:

2 - 5 minutes



year of production:

not older than 1 year

festival takes place:

annual in September