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We have two sections:
REC - Internationales junges Filmfestival
(age 16 to 27)  and  REC for Kids (age 6 to 15)

REC - Internationales junges Filmfestival is a festival with an international open competition for films from youth age 16 to 27. As festival with a big international participation and with young filmmakers at the beginning of their career, it is a signpost for new topics, forms and trends. Not only the visitors benefit from that: Main focus at this festival for young talents is the possibility to receive a professional feedback and critical reflections for the screened films. Public internet-platforms like "youtube" can't provide that in this way – success here is measured in "clicks", which are only a very unprecise vote of spectators. This does not replace the personal and professional discussion on a festival.

Especially for the young talents competent critics and discussions about approaches, dramaturgy, montage or camera-work are a valuable help. At the REC-filmfestival we do this with a competent moderation, having ambitious talks with the filmmakers, with the possibility to discuss with the audience and in particularly with an immediate response by the jury. The jury consists of professional filmmakers, journalists and film reviewers. Directly after the program this jury gives an opinion to the potencies and the weak points of every film.

Furthermore there are talks to selected films which will be recorded on video and be broadcasted in the next days. And finally there are, like at every other festival, lots of opportunities for talks 'off the record' with other filmmakers from different countries, with spectators, with the festival-team and jury-members.

The program
We accept entries with all topics, from all genres and in every length. As far as the technical quality of the entries will allow that we will screen the films in HD. The program of the screenings will be composed under thematic aspects, for example with films thet have a common topic or belong to the same genre (like documentary film or animated film). A program contains about 60 minutes of films and 20 minutes with moderation and discussions. The entry-fee is 5 € per day, which are three programs.

Jury and awards
The jury consists of professional filmmakers and journalists, they watch the films together with the audience. After every program every jury-member gives his/her impressions of the screened films. At the last day of the festival the jury will hand over the awards, there will one "Golden Clip" and one "Silver Clip" for each age-group (16 to 19 and 20 to 27 years). Every award is combined with a bonus.
The "International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film" will award the best documentary film of the REC-Festival. Also the REC-Festival will give nominations for the international festival "up and coming" in Hannover, Germany, for "Fresh Film Festival" in Limerick, Ireland. and other filmfestivals.

REC – For Kids is a film festival with an open international competition for films by kids between the age of 6 and 15. A major aspect of this festival is not only to screen films for the child audience, but to make the reception of the films into a process of learning for the kids. Visiting the festival is meant to help the young audience to put the films into context and to interpret them. Likewise the language and the methods of film producing shall be made perceptible.
Therefore the festival provides multifaceted offers: The film programs will be accompanied by a qualified moderation, which will explain specific characteristics of the films and provide hints on important and exciting details. The moderation will clarify that it not enough to have actors and stars for a film, but that a lot of planning is required and that the impression of a film depends very much on the montage, which influences and manipulates the emotions of the spectators. This is basic knowledge for orientation in a world mainly influenced by the media.

The competition
The open competition with international participation has the intention to advance understanding and tolerance for the kids, to provide interesting stimulation for pedagogues and teachers as well as to make comparisons and contacts.
Filmmaking is an important step for kids in gaining media competence, but it is also necessary to reflect the own creations, to get praise and critics from audience and professionals and to have the direct comparisons to other filmmakers. At "REC For Kids" the young people can see the products of other young filmmakers in a focussed atmosphere, they get stimulated and into contact with others. With the competition the festival provides the incentive to participate with one’s own films and to face up to the criticism of others.
The jury consists of media educators and professional filmmakers, who will watch all the films together with the audience. For the jury also important are outstanding media education ideas. On the last day of the festival the jury will hand over the awards: the "Golden Clip" and the "Silver Clip".

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